THE BIGIIng of the end: It was day like most, Kirk and his brother Craig owned the only bar in town a roadhouse with a deck in front and the back horseshoes, BBQ and music every night the customers of landmark bar were a mix of locals as tourist visiting the Ca redwoods this morning Kirks girlfriend stopped in the bar and told Kirk his Mom called from Oregon and wanted him to call … ohoh Kirk thought! At 52 years old he still felt fear from his Mom, he knew that he and his brother had put her through enough why would she be calling plus he had a monster hang over and hand not been home for a couple of daze… his girlfriend was very mad !Apparently when he called he found his gf had told Mom what he had been up to… yikes,, snitch !!! His Mom had gotten sober in AA in that very town “Ben Lomond” 20 years earlier. She had always asked for her birthday or Christmas that her boys would just go to a meeting with her. This time she was in tears, she pleaded with Kirk he being the oldest, to please take his brother and start going …. next chapter …man without a country and one brother doesn’t make it.